Roulette online versus roulette offline

You can play the game of roulette in the classic land casino, but also in the online casino. The types of roulette and the way you play the game of roulette are the same, but there are differences. In a land casino you play at a real roulette table. You can feel and see that roulette table and some players claim that the table also has a certain casino smell. But those are the real fanatics.

Roulette in the live casino

In an online or a live casino you are in a virtual casino. You can join the available places in a casino. In an online casino, you can usually see whether a table is available by a green light. In general, online casinos offer longer opening hours and you don’t have to wait for a place. What you prefer is a personal matter.

Roulette in the land based casino

In a land casino, you generally have less choice when it comes to the different types of roulette. That also makes trying online game variants easier than in a land casino. The online casino also keeps track of all the overviews that you always have at hand. Because you play at home, you are often less likely to be distracted by environmental factors such as attractive fellow players or the bar in the casino that invites you to have a snack.

Pros and cons

In an online casino you only see a graphical presentation of the game. Flexibility, quick access, comfort and an informal online casino experience meet the excitement and thrill of a real casino visit.

Roulette terms

The most important roulette terms at a glance:

American Wheel or American Roulette Wheel: Roulette wheel  used in American Roulette consisting of 38 slots; the numbers 1 to 36 and the box 0 (zero) and 00 (double zero.

  • Backtrack : Edge at the top of the roulette wheel where the ball goes around.
  • Biased Wheel :  Impure roulette wheel
  • Carré : In French ‘square’. Betting on four numbers at the same time. You place your chip at the intersection of the four numbers.
  • Cheval : ‘Horse’. Betting on two numbers at the same time.
  • Chances Simples:  Simple chances; 18 songs; red, black, even, odd
  • Corner Bet : Bet on 1 of 4 adjacent numbers.
  • Dolly : Glass pawn that the croupier places on the winning square with the number that has fallen.
  • Double zero : Green box with two zeros (00) on the roulette table.
  • Faites vos jeux : Croupier who says ‘your bets please’ before spinning the cylinder.
  • Greens : $ 25 chips.
  • High bet : Betting on the highest numbers.
  • Line Bet : Betting on six numbers in two rows.
  • Martingale Betting System : System where the bet is doubled after every loss.
  • Odd Bet : A bet on an odd number.
  • Odds : Odds of winning on a particular bet
  • Red Bet : Bet on Red
  • Reds : Red Chips
  • Split Bet : Betting on two numbers at the same time.
  • Table Hopping : Switch game tables
  • True Odds : The probability of winning a bet.
  • Wager : Commitment

Play roulette on your mobile

You can also play the game of Roulette on your mobile phone. In a mobile casino you use all the options that are also offered in the online casino. Your phone’s screen just adapts to the game you are playing. Nowadays playing Roulette on your mobile phone differs little from playing Roulette on your PC or tablet. It is only very handy that you can also play on the go.

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