Future of Slot machines.

In the media you also see a wave of warnings about slot machines. At the end of the 19th century, several articles were published about the ‘pernicious’ slot machines, which, incidentally, sometimes also refer to cigarette and other machines. And around 1930 another wave reached its peak.

Serious and popular magazines write about the great evil, the appeal of the slot machine. Sometimes they are quite entertaining articles. Like the one in the Popular Mechanix of December 1932. The title is already striking: machines that roll your wallet, and make you like it too.

Popular Mechanix

The article tells about the dark things at the time. For example, operators changing the reels (reels) to take advantage of them, or to temporarily give the player the idea of ​​an advantage. The writer explains why you can never win as a player. That is about payout percentage, where he shows a table of the winning odds. In the same article he explains how the mechanical slot machine works .

But the best thing about this article on Online Casino Ground is the comment about mayors. Shortly before the elections, according to the article, they shout hell and damnation on the slot machines in order to gain the confidence of the voter. After the elections, there will indeed be a number of actions, in which they have slots dragged away. But usually after only two months the destruction storm has subsided. Then the police walk into cigar shops, cafes and companies and do not see the newly installed cabinets. Action is then sometimes taken in the event of a specific complaint from an active citizen.


Mayor LaGuardia takes action against slot machines in 1934 because of the economic depression. The state of Nevada legalized gambling in 1931. She sees this as a possibility for the economy to recover. Then they are sympathetic towards slot machines. No, not necessarily.

Nevada also occasionally takes action against slots. But that is mainly motivated by self-interest. When the large casinos, which now pay a lot of tax and license fees, are bothered by small operators, they still want to think along. Thwarting a starting casino is then a small effort. At least in those years around the Second World War.


More and more countries are liberalizing games of chance. License holders can therefore legally exploit their roulette games and other games of chance. In some countries, slot machines continue to occupy a separate place in the legislation surrounding gambling. But devastating witch hunts like in the early years have largely disappeared.

In addition, the physical cupboard had to make way for other platforms. The lever became a button and the tablet, smartphone and computer replaced the case. In studies of problem gambling, slot machines often come out as the main culprit. But of course we will not let that deter us.

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